Reception have been working extremely hard since starting school in September. They have been enjoying daily phonics and number time sessions, along with learning through their interests and exciting topics. In PE lessons they have learnt a variety of skills such as gymnastics, dance and basic throwing and catching skills.  We are so lucky that we can take our learning both indoors and outdoors. The children have loved exploring and sharing adventures  indoors and outdoors. All this super playing is supporting their imaginative play and giving them the opportunity to form a narrative.

With the children enjoying daily phonics they are beginning to apply these skills in other areas. Writing in a variety of ways such as labels, letters, short words and even having a go at super sentences. It is fantastic to see their enthusiasm to write. Reception are also off to a flying start with their reading. They are beginning to segment and blend new words that they come across,  and they are starting to recognise tricky words and beginning to build up fluency.

All these new skills that they have learnt along with making new friends, have helped them to grow in confidence and independence.

Please click on the links below which give some information on the EYFS framework and activity ideas to support learning.


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