Children in UniformAll children attending Wombridge Primary School are expected to wear a school uniform. This consists of black/grey trousers or skirt/pinafore, white polo shirt and a burgundy   fleece, jumper or cardigan.

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Can I get a school uniform grant? And where to find cheap school uniforms for your children.

Find out whether you are eligible for a school uniforms grant and where to buy cheap alternatives.

Kids outgrown their old school uniforms? The new school year can come at a hefty cost, but there are cheaper options and school uniform grants which might help.

According to a 2020 survey by the Children’s Society, parents spend an average of £337 a year on school uniforms for each secondary school child. For primary school pupils, the average cost is £315.

Some local authorities offer a school uniform grant to low-income families, but the support varies hugely depending on where you live. We have rounded up everything you need to know about getting support to cover the costs of school uniforms before term starts.

Can I get a school uniform grant?

Whether you can access a school uniforms grant depends on your local council. Some authorities across the country offer financial support to help families pay for school uniforms and clothing.

If you are based in England, you can check the government’s website and click on ‘contact your local council’ and enter your postcode to see if you can get a school uniforms grant in your area. You can also contact your local authority directly to see whether you can get a school uniform grant or any other support.

Help with Living Costs

The government’s cost-of-living payment is available for those receiving certain benefits or tax credits. Those who are eligible can get up to 3 different types of payment depending on their situation:

  • A cost-of-living payment, for people receiving a qualifying low-income benefit or tax credits
  • A disability cost-of-living payment, for people receiving a qualifying disability benefit
  • A pensioner cost-of-living payment, for people entitled to a winter fuel payment for winter 2023 to 2024

Citizens Advice has guidance for people who need help with school costs. This includes advice on how to get:

  • Free school meals (FSM) – read more about FSM funding
  • Help to pay for activities and uniform
  • Help with transport to and from school