Children with School Meals

Children with School MealsA hot meal is available at school; priced £2.00.

The meals are cooked by 2 chefs who follow a policy of promoting healthy eating. Children will be asked in a morning by their class teacher what they would like for lunch that day.
Parents who think they may be entitled to Free School Meals may collect an application form from the school office. All requests are dealt with sensitively and in confidence.
Children may bring in sandwiches and a drink for lunchtime, (please label lunch boxes, no glass bottles or foods containing nuts). We cannot accommodate all the children in the hall; therefore, some children will eat their sandwiches in the classroom.
There are a variety of activities for children at lunchtime. Boxes of sports equipment are provided and supervisors support the children’s games. We aim to give all our children an active and healthy lunchtime break.
Up to date school menus are printed on news letters every week.

Menu’s and payment details can be found over in our Parents’ Area on our Lunch Menu & Payment page.Lunch Menu & Payment