School Leadership Team

Headteacher- Mrs E Solomon

Safeguarding and Inclusion Manager- Miss E Partridge

Assistant Head- Mr T Moxon

School Business Manager – Mrs L Jenner


Class Teachers Team

Mrs G Morris (Reception) DT

Miss G Evans (Reception)

Mrs L. Wooldridge  (Year 1) Maths/RE

Mrs M Oakley (Year 2)

Miss G Murphy (Year 2)

Mrs E Hamilton (Year 3/4) French

Miss C Basford (Year 3)

Mrs K. Owen (Year 4) Science

Miss G Simkin  (Year 5) PE

Miss F Jones (Year 5)

Mrs L Williams (Year 5) Geography

Miss C Gregory (Year 5/6)

Miss A. Longland (Year 6) Computing/Music

Mr T Moxon  Year 6) Curriculum and History

Mrs E Cooper (Year 6) English/Art

Intervention Teachers

Mrs R Kooner

Mrs A Woodward




Admin & Specialist Staff