History of Wombridge Primary School

Wombridge Infant Council School, Hartshill, opened in 1910, admitting the National school’s infants; it had 160 places and was full by 1916 and in the 1920s. Under its first headmistress (1910- 31) it became an excellent school where, in the 1920s, H. M. Inspector sent teachers to observe the methods and apparatus in use. In 1933, when the church school closed, the school was reorganized as Wombridge Junior Mixed and Infant Council (from 1945 County Primary) School with 302 places.  Attendance averaged 243 in 1940. In 1952, with 320 pupils, the school was overcrowded and admissions were restricted. Numbers increased from 290 in 1969 to 382 in 1975; the building was then extended and modernized. There were 318 pupils in 1981.

Our outdoors environment has a large field and playgrounds,  which children access during both PE sessions as well as all playtimes. Our Forest School area on site is well established and allows the children to explore and develop essential skills. The school raised beds and greenhouse are well cared for by staff and pupils where they are able to grow a range of fruit and vegetables as well as other plants, encouraging wildlife into our school grounds and learning about where food comes from.