Parent Code of Conduct

We want our school to be a safe and welcoming environment for our pupils. Members of our Senior Leadership Team, including the Headteacher, are on the gate to welcome the children to school each day.

Parents are requested to drop their children off at the school gates in the morning and children go straight into their classes. Reception parents may walk their child to class. The only other exceptions are made at the discretion of the  Headteacher.

Parents are advised to communicate any messages via Class Dojo to their child’s class teacher and not to pass on verbal messages on the gate. Class teachers are not available in the morning but are able to speak to parents at dismissal time on the playground each day.

Parents can collect their children from the class teacher on the playground from 3.05pm each day and exit the school site via the car park gates. Parents are not able to walk through the car park to the office. The office area can be requested to be accessed via the buzzer system.

Any behaviour which cause upset to our pupils, parents or staff will be taken seriously and dealt with as laid out in our Parent Code of Conduct.

Please see our Parent Code of Conduct link: