Sex Education

From September 2020 all primary schools will be required to have Relationships Education in place and a Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy.

As a local authority school we have an obligation to teach children from Year 1 to Year 6 about aspects of RSE. We feel it is important that we are clear about what that entails.

The mention of the words, ‘Sex Education’ can create unnecessary anxiety for parents and carers, we want to reassure you that the focus of much RSE at a primary level is broader than you might think, focussing more so on the Relationships rather than the Sex aspect.

At Wombridge we adopt a scheme called JIGSAW. This provides the children with consistency across the school as they move through the year groups, but also to fulfil this statutory requirements. The JIGSAW scheme covers issues such as Building self-esteem, Recognising feelings and emotions, Healthy friendships, Differences and similarities between girls and boys and challenging stereotypes, Rights & Responsibilities and Growing and changing.

Please see our PSHE and RSE page for more information:


A parent/carer information leaflet on Jigsaw can be accessed below:



A parent/carer guide to understanding relationships and health education can be accessed below;